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A Spa Like No Other!
Your Total Relaxation Destination

Our Story

My name is Joanne Burke, and I am the Spa Owner here at Touch of Wellness.  I am so excited to welcome you to our spa, and I hope you will find a bit of peace and serenity that lasts well beyond your first visit, so that you will be a guest for life!

I was inspired to open Touch of Wellness by life experiences that forced me out of my “comfort zone” to learn a new perspective on the value of physical, mental & spiritual wellness.  Too often, we lose our focus and simply forget to take the time for self-nurturing.  I did.  And I learned that the consequences can be tremendous!

Fortunately, I have the love and support of amazing family and friends, for which I am incredibly grateful:

To my son, Scott, you are going to make a significant impact on this world, and I am proud to call you my son.

To my daughter, Haley, my little jewel, you are not only beautiful on the outside, but you are beautiful on the inside.  Your constant smile and beautiful singing created a healing environment for me.

To my husband & best friend, Michael McCormick, you are the love of my life.  I respect you, admire you and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

- Joanne

A Spa Like No Other!

Welcome to your most relaxing day ever! At Touch of Wellness, each and every member of our team is dedicated to your relaxation. We are located in the luxurious Touch of Class building in the heart of downtown Napanee, where fashion and wellness meet to create ‘The Extra Touch’ for you!

The stresses we all faced on a  day-to-day basis accumulate over time. The results can be minor or devastating. It truly pays to take the time for self-care.

We look forward to helping you on the road to total wellness!

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Your Total Relaxation Destination – $239

Aroma Escape – $199

Touch of Wellness Girl – $85

We're excited to announce we will be moving to The Gibbard District

FALL 2021